Everyone likes to communicate differently

The TEXTIME Company provides an innovative platform for creating and managing digital communication between businesses and their clients.
Our goal is to adapt business communications to the most useful and popular channels, and ensure that customers are able to interact with a business over a variety of digital product.
TEXTIME’s platform provides a comprehensive solution using a central customer relationship management interface, and enabling ongoing and effective management of communication with clients over the most common and popular digital channels.

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4 Steps to GIVE Exceptional Customer Service

TEXTIME Company understands the need to bridge the gap between businesses and customers with technology. Our company provides a quality solution for adapting business media to the digital age in an efficient and affordable manner.
Our company allows you a faster and less expensive switch to digital media, and it allows customers to communicate with their preferred method of communication via their preferred medium. TEXTIME makes it possible for you to manage digital contact with customers over a wide range of channels, and is the center of your business’s digital media.

What to learn about our services ?


TEXTIME WIDGET is easy to implement on your website, the widget enables customers to connect via their favourite service (Telegram, Hangout ect.).
The customer needs to register only once and can continue texting with you on a daily basis


Accessibility of multi digital channels for your customers by using the TEXTIME LINK
The link can by used outside your website, for easy and direct connection between your costumers and you, on Facebook, websites, portals, indexes, or can even be opened via QR-code and more.


TEXTIME CRM is a digital center for your business that provides a comprehensive solution for managing customer relations. The CRM system provides ongoing management and effective communication with your customers' various digital channels.

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TEXTIME CRM features :

Centralized GUI with CRM capabilities for All your digital communication

- Pre-defined Canned Responses
- Dashboards KPI's and BI reports
- SLA management
- Chat history
- Business Units/departments Management
- Dedicated Customer comments
- Queue management and prioritization management

All this in a simple and convenient intuitive Web interface and mobile application.

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